A new thing I have been trying out here is dumpster diving. Before I tried it I had the same idea that I am sure many of you have – the image of opening up bin bags and rooting around between someone’s half eaten curry and Sunday lunch leftovers for that one still edible banana that got thrown away. Pretty grim right?

In reality its nothing like that. You only dumpster dive in places where you are going to get a decent haul – supermarket, shops and market bins – so there is rarely any going through normal rubbish. As it is I have only been dumpstering in Queen Vic Market, where stall holders sometimes even leave stuff out for us. It is genuinely awful how much edible food is left. Last week I managed to get four broccoli heads and there were so many more left its tragic. There are always tomatoes. I’ve got garlic, bread, lemons, salad, avocado…. Truly all sorts from the market.

However, I am not here to talk about the boring everyday dumpster diving finds but the fun ones. My friend was going past an independent bakery when she saw them throwing out a whole entire box (one of those really big cardboard boxes) full of laminated dough. This was the plastic bag full of pastry that I got from her:


This was about a sixth of the original amount. I made over 50 pastries and I still have more in the freezer. It was fun to be able to make up some pastries without all the hard work (and money!) that goes into laminated dough. So, truly, you never know what amazing stuff you will find if you don’t keep an eye out.




5 thoughts on “Dumpster Diving

    1. Its crazy to me too! My friend and I thought it might be because one of the marks of independent bakeries is the whole baked fresh today appeal….so someone just grossly overestimated the amount of croissants they were going to sell? Beats me though, especially when I think of the price of butter!

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