I can’t believe I’ve been here for 2 months already! And been at uni for nearly 6 weeks, when everyone at home still hasn’t started yet. Crazy times! I feel like every month though I’m going to feel like this. So, without further ado:


  • I’m massively enjoying getting settled into my new flat. And cooking for myself again! Although I have become vegetarian so that is a new experience in and of itself. As many of you know I have many ideas about things but don’t end up doing them so I still have bits and pieces to finish/start in my room….Better get on that soon 🙂
  • I have had a very settled month – it really feels like things are becoming a bit more ‘normal’ but with the occasional wtf I’m in Australia. Its nice to have fairly regular plans.
  • The weather is starting to get warmer….I’m still wearing a coat but hopefully not for too much longer.


  • Job hunting….enough said!
  • The one downside of feeling more settled is that its also very easy to ‘waste’ time so to seak so this month I need to challenge myself to make better use of the time I have off – which is quite a lot actually!

Most Liked Post: You all loved my Sour Dough Making Workshop post, despite the exceptionally crappy pictures!

Favourite Day Out: Well it was basically a gorgeous weekend when I went to both Toolangi and to an Oxjam gig.

Favourite Food: I haven’t been brunching so much this month (or maybe not taking as many pictures). I did have a fabulous nutella cheese cake the other week though – by the time the phone came up all that was left was a bite:


Feeling: Settled

Thinking: About travel plans – I’m off to Canberra and Sydney at the end of the month!

Song of the moment: I had a great night in by myself watching Hairspray so…. ‘It’s Hairspray’ from the musical Hairspray!




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