I am part of the Melbourne Uni Food Co-op at uni and it is a wonderful space. Cheap, good food. Bulk buying….They even have veg boxes. As a move to develop the space as being about more than just food, the collective has decided to introduce workshops. So yesterday I went to a Sourdough making workshop run by one of the bakers Maikeli. Sadly, my phone died so I didn’t get any action shots, but I already have my starter grafting away in my fridge, so I will show you more soon.

As it is, Maikeli had made a loaf the day before, so our first step was to put that in the oven and we were able to try it at the end of the workshop. We then made up a dough and were able to take that home with us to start our own bega and make up a mini loaf. I decided to fashion it into a forcaccia. This turned out rather yummy and I happily nommed away while watching Mad Max.

Apologies for the particularly poor pictures this week – my phone isn’t great at the best of times and was feeling especially unhappy yesterday!



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