Time flies! I can’t quite believe I’ve already been in Melbourne for a complete month. It genuinely only seems like yesterday when I was running around trying to sort out my 21st party and panic packing. I’ve had so much fun this month, traveling to new places, meeting new people and getting to know a whole different world. I’m even enjoying uni, although I have a LOT of reading to do at the moment. So here’s my monthly round up (I’ve also basically stolen the format from The Student Travels so go check them out!):


    • Walking around the city, particularly the suburbs of Fitzroy and Carlton, and starting to get a feel for the place. I love that I can round pretty much any corner and come across some graffiti or an interesting shop


  • I’m really enjoying all my modules so far. As I said before they are all very reading heavy and its been a bit of a pain to get concentrating but the content is all fascinating.
  • My birthday 🙂 I was a bit nervous before I came because I was worried that I wouldn’t know anyone and I would spend the day alone…and…and… I actually haven’t put together a blog post yet but I went out for brunch with a great group of people then partied my way into the night!image


  • I still haven’t found a house yet. And it sucks massively. I can’t properly concentrate on anything because I keep worrying about viewing housing or sending messages. Hopefully I will find somewhere soon.
  • I also haven’t met many Australians. Such is the way of a year abroad that I mostly spend time with other international students so it gives a slightly warped view of Melbourne. On the plus side though, they are all lovely and want to have a good time!

Most Liked Post: Brunch ‘n’ Beach

Favourite Day Out: I also having blogged about this yet (slacker!) but I had a great day out last Sunday with a few friends who had a car. We drove down to Geelong and then along the coast some to Torquay. The sea was utterly magical and peaceful. image image image Favourite Food: I actually think my favourite meal was my first brunch out at Young Blood’s Diner. While there its also nice and easy to hop over to the Rose Street Market. image Feeling: Cautiously optimistic about finding a house soon…

Thinking: About all the feminism. Two Gender Studies classes this term wo/man!

Song of The Moment: Laura – Scissor Sisters




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