It has already come to the attention of my new friends that I like food very much. Anyone following my blog probably already knows that as well. And because tradition is always a good thing, a second Sunday brunch occurred.

This time we went to Industry Beans. I thought it was a bit more expensive than last week but I’m still trying to work out what ‘decent’ prices are. It was an incredibly hipster cafe, right up to the fact that we the herbal teas were serves with artfully placed, but completely useless, herbs in a jar – both us and a pair of girls also at the cage had to double check what we were supposed to do with them…..


Anyway I had beans and quinoa with a poached egg, avocado and tomatoes. The real innovation of this dish though was that they had green and red chilli’s in it. The green chilli’s were a bit too spicy for my liking but the red chilli’s were beautifully sweet and perfect. Totally blew my mind as a food idea!


We then went off to explore a few if the venues of Open House Melbourne, which opened up many of the buildings so that one could see the architecture. We went and saw the living wall of the Medibank building.


The most interesting place however was the Docklands Community Library. It was beautifully designed with lots of wood cladding, photography exhibition etc. but it just had so much going on. A 3-d printer, games rooms, cafe and so on. I’ve already signed up for a free robotics class!


Pancakes at the Pancake parlour then completed the day – a lovely day to end the holidays as lectures start today.


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