This weekend I was able to explore one of the things that Melbourne is famous for – brunch! My roomie from the Melbourne Welcome Week had her birthday this Sunday so a group of us went out for brunch and then off to the beach. As a complete land lubber I am very excited to be living so near the sea and, although other Australians only have disdain for Melbourne’s beaches, it is quite the luxury for me.


We went to a very cute little cafe whose name I very helpfully can not remember. I enjoyed a very fancy pants looking mushroom ragu, which did in fact taste as good as it looks. We were then able to wonder around the Rose Street Market which had lots of cute little stalls.


We then wandered along to the beach and walked past all of the stalls. Terrarium’s seemed to be the order of the day, with several people selling them. I actually bought a very small one – I’m still trying to decide whether it is too big to wear as a necklace. When I’m sorted in a place of my own I’m planning to go back and buy a bigger one.


I hope you all had a good weekend, where ever you might be!




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