imageI was lucky enough today to be driven out to Studley Park which is on the out skirts of Melbourne. One of the things that I am fast coming to recognise is how many large green spaces there are. There aren’t so many of the London Style small green spaces but there are some fairly central proper big parks.
Studley Park Bridge

Anyway this is one of them and has the added advantage of being where the fruit bat colony of Melbourne live. Apparently you can see them flying across the suburbs at night, although I have yet to catch sight of one. It was a truly amazing sight to see them dangling from the trees by the river as far as the eye can see. Although I have been reliably informed that they give off a right pong in the summer months. Sadly my phone camera is awful but its all I have so I hope you can at least spot some bat shaped blobs.



I also walked further down into the park admiring all the eucalyptus trees. The city is full of them and they smell really lush and add greenness everywhere.



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