And so it begins! After months of planning and second guessing I have arrived safe and sound in Melbourne ready to start my year abroad. I’m still feeling massively jet lagged and spent most of thursday -when I wrote this – in bed. Thrilling stuff! But I thought I might as well share my first thoughts.

First Impression: Reminds me more of the USA than Britain – like, weirdly flat buildings but with more high rises? And lots of super fancy iron work and stuff like that on buildings that aren’t old at all. image First Purchase with AUD: Skybus ticket from the airport

First place I visited: I walked down to Fitzroy which is basically hipsterville. I have stars in my eyes guys, for real! SO MUCH FOOD. And independent book stores. And hippy places selling funky blankets. I will become a parody of myself and it will be wonderful.

Scariest Moment: Realising that I hadn’t written down my Australian address which I needed for my landing card. Cue panic messaging people (without the full story) on facebook in Manila airport as facebook was working and gmail wasn’t. I did manage to get it but I was pretty much the last person to get on the plane. Before the latecomers. Le sigh. image Most needless panic: That the Australian immigration service would be hard. Like, it was a crammed madness to get through to the automatic passport gate but. I didn’t have to do anything else. I’m still confused about this. Border patrol lies people, it lies!

Weirdest Moment: Getting an Australian ad on youtube. And seeing two people (beard and clogs respectively) carrying a weird statue and plynth. I’m slightly worried that it was actually going to go into their garden.

Oddest thing in general: The weird season miss mash. It gets dark at 5.30 which just feels confusing. And there are trees with their leaves off but also palm trees. In the same park. Its very odd. image Feeling: Slightly overwhelmed but also very excited.

Thinking: About the future

Looking forward to: Finding a house. image Song of the Moment: Blow Your Mind – Jamiroquai




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