I have just come back from a camping trip and we ended up talking about adult food tastes. Avocado and cous cous both came up as things we pretty much all love now but wouldn’t have even considered when we were younger. It was even suggested that one of the best things about being an adult was all the scrummy, delicious, healthy food we often prefer (or at the very least enjoy) now. Although I for one can’t deny I have a sweet tooth that would rival most children its certainly true that my taste pallet has developed.

In fact, one of the best things about being at home is the amount of fresh fruit and veg lying around. I do buy fresh veg at uni but I mostly skip fruit – I just never get through it all before it goes off. Therefore I’ve been making great use of it while I’ve been back and one of the things I’ve been making a lot is massive salads – falafel, hummous, avocados….mmm, mmm. I would never have been convinced that salad could be so yummy when I was younger, that is for sure!Falafel Salad

I’ve been using a packet mix falafel which is great. Falafel is one of my favourite foods – definitely an adult taste – but not something I’ve had much success in actually making. I tried making the baked falafel recipe from A Beautiful Mess last summer and while it was okay, it was super dry and didn’t really give me that crunchy but soft feeling I want from falafel. The packet mix worked a bit like stuffing – add water and it becomes a paste and then deep fry. I’m sure I will try making falafel from scratch again but for now its a pretty decent substitute. Add some freshly made tahini dressing and you are all set!

Is there anything you have come to like now as an adult but would have hated as a kid?




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