Having gained power over my younger brothers for the week (muhahaha) I took my youngest brother (fourteen, grumpy but very much a foodie) out to experience the delights of Birmingham’s Chinatown. Although it is a very small Chinatown – a market, some restraunts and a couple of supermarkets – it still provided us with ample enjoyment for a couple if hours.

After completely freaking Josh out by looking at the pigs trotters in the market we had a bit more luck in the supermarket. We ended up purchasing gyozo dough, orange and mango oreos and lotus spread filled steam buns. A rather disparate spread but we were feeling suitably creative. I then introduced Josh to bubble tea. I actually think this was the most authentic tea I’ve had as it actually vaguely tasted like tea. Does anyone know why bubble tea always comes sealed, or is that just for affect?



Either way, a successful visit to Chinatown and it’s worth a quick peak of you are ever around.


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