This is the cake of my childhood. Almost every birthday I would get a chocolate sour cream cake to celebrate the passing of another year. The only real contender was lemon drizzle cake with lemon curd and cream.

Its now the cake I whip out when I want to bake something super easy but fairly impressive. It is also the cake that I still crave when I am sad and pretty much always still get for my birthday.

And this is the cake that I made for my friend’s election day party. It helped keep me awake until 6am and then provided solace when I woke up the at 11.30 to hear the final news.

And did I mention how easy it is?

Weigh however many eggs you want (this cake had two) and then keep this number in your head – this will be the amount you need of all the other ingredients. I picked this up from The Easy Peasy Recipe book when I was a kid and it produces yummy cakes every time.

Cream butter and sugar. Whisk in the eggs one at a time. Fold in the flour and cocoa powder (this is the only ingredient that I don’t do the same amount as the eggs – I normally end up with about 25g, but I mostly just do it by taste). Bake at 180C for around 15 mins.

For the sour cream topping – Melt 200g of dark chocolate. Off the heat mix in a pot of sour cream. This makes enough to fill and top a medium sized cake.

And that’s it. Super scrummy cake created. Now eat!

Chocolate Sour Cream Cake




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