How art thou fair blog? Not too bad. Wonderful!

I was in the middle of editing my post about Italy but I am on a library laptop which is being very slow and terrible. But why am I on a library laptop? Alas, I have spilt water on my own laptop and it has given up the ghost. And money is somewhat tight at the moment so I am not quite sure when I will get a replacement.

Plus exams. That is always a not nice thing to have. However, in amongst all of these negatives I thought I might as well write a cheer up chum blog post and write about some of the good things that are happening, which do outweigh the negatives. So have a short and sweet list from me, and hopefully something more substantial later.

1) AVENGERS. Whoop de whoop, I love me some super heroes and spandex.

2) I do actually like what I study. Always a positive when it comes to revising.

3) My housemate cooked dinner last night and we all sat around and chatted and communed over curry.

4) I have Daredevil to look forward to when I finish exams. See point 1.

5) My friend is coming to visit from Germany in June and I haven’t seen her for a year and a half. So very excited on that one.

6) I get to exercise my general-electiony-voting-rites soon. Yay women’s suffrage.

7) I had a chocolate chunk shortbread biscuit at lunch. So much yum.

8) I have lots of parties to plan. All the pinterest.

9) At least I don’t live in a time where I can’t take a container of grapes from a friends vineyard…. (See Deut 23:24 – my current revision)

Apologies for the sarcasm. I am on hour 8 in the library.




5 thoughts on “Ah Exams and Calamities!

  1. Ha I loved the last point Hannah! Good luck in the library sessions and with the revision, at least your keeping cheerful and remind me not to complain about my one exam!

      1. I shall have to be honest and compound the offence by also revealing its my first exam in two years πŸ˜‰ Though I am one of the very few History students sitting an exam – I don’t think any of the other modules are…

      2. Haha! In history it was felt more appropriate to give us essays to let us explore our own arguments rather than just regurgitate knowledge πŸ™‚ I think in a rough estimate I have done over the course of three years 30 odd essays plus dissertation. I really wish I hadn’t just calculated that now…

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