So, I have three essays that are due in next week and I have very much been acting like an ostrich. As in head in the sand ostrich – one friend had to double check as she thought I was talking about a ‘weird theology society dress up thing’. As good a description of theology society as anything I guess! So in the intervening time between well, tomorrow, when I have to write a 3000 word essay every two days and last weekend I have had a great time procrastinating. I have taken up cross stitch again and watched many a nature programme.

And I also made a cake. It was for my house mates birthday so there was a genuine excuse rather than ‘surprise cake yay’ but instead of doing my normal ‘super easy but super tasty’ chocolate sour cream frosting I decided to try something new. I made salted caramel icing from this recipe – and oh my goodness is it delicious! And we had a ton left over and managed a second cake for dinner today. I’m pretty sure that makes it a winner all around, right?

Salted Caramel Chocolate CakeThe one shot of the cake before the hungry hordes devoured. I’m actually pretty proud of this one *wipes away a tear*




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