Saturday we slept in (what a surprise) and eventually went out for a wee wonder in Glasgow’s West End. We pottered around two book shops and then went for a hot chocolate and cake. I managed to resist buying anything from the bookshops but I had a really good browse and its really lit the fire in me to read an actual physical book sometime soon. The tea shop – Thcai Ovna – was gorgeous, even if its humongous selection of speciality teas was wasted on both L and I, as neither of us are tea drinkers. However, I lapped up the atmosphere – lots of candles and dangley things and cool looking people playing Cards Against Humanity in the corner. Also, the carrot cake was “so bloody moist darling, it was absolutely spiffing.”
We then headed down to Glasgow University Student Union for the ultimate Valentine’s Day film – Battle Royale. Yep, I bet you got that one pegged to. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it is a Japanese movie, based on a manga, which many people compare to the Hunger Games. A class of ninth graders (so 14 years old) are chosen to fight to the death on a deserted island. Sounds familiar right? Despite the similarities in structure it did have a different tone; there was no real explanation of the background but all the relationships were pre-existing which added a different dynamic. We then returned home and….watched another film. The ‘Normal Heat’ is a tv film with an excellent cast (Mark Ruffalo, Matt Bomer, Julia Roberts) based on the 1985 Larry Kramer play of the same name. It explores the AIDs crisis in its early years in New York (yes, we decided to have an over wrought emotional valentines day full of death and destruction.)
And there was even a film on the next day too! Somewhat out of character for me as I never normally watch movies. L wanted to go to see Big Hero 6 for her 21st, so 15 or so twenty somethings trooped to the cinema to watch a children’s movie in and amongst many a family. IT IS SUCH A GOOD FILM. Like seriously, I was laughing, I was crying – totally go see this kids movie. Lots of feels. To combat such a rush we all went back to L’s and drank (or not, in my case) and were merry. Then back on the train home at 9am on Monday morning in time to lead a seminar at 2pm.
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