Zentangle Cards

I am definitely not a completer finisher. Unlike many people that I know, the idea of leaving something undone to flop on the couch produces a shrug and a yes please, rather than a driving need to complete the task. On top of this, however, I have the rather more annoying habit of doing most of the hard work and then leaving the easy bit: crocheted the purse, not sewn together; filled out the form, not gone to hand it in; or done the work, not organised the folder. In this case, I managed to make AND write my birthday thank you cards within four days of my birthday yet only sent them off last week, a full three weeks later. One just has to role ones eyes at one self sometimes.

Either way, these cards are now off and I have finally got round to sharing them with you. I doodle and zentangle a lot so it seemed like a natural thing to do to turn these into cards. They are super easy and fun to make, as they are no rules and are eye catching. I just used a white gel pen on black card for a striking look.



Zentangle card 1

Ta ra Duck,



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