Would you like a scone?


And is that a scone to rhyme with gone or a scone to rhyme cone? In my house it is certainly a gone scone (and I really mean gone, my brother polished off our batch in double time) but Paige informs me that across the pond it is always a cone scone (the silly veggie sausages). 


Pronunciation quibbles aside, we managed to whip up a batch of scones between the two of us. Unfortunately we didn’t have any proper cream in the house so we had to make do with squirty cream. This does look good but the taste doesn’t really match up. When discussing this, the conversation devolved into rather horrifying tales of spray cheese, which thankfully is not something that can be bought over here.

Either way, the scones were tucked into, particularly by my afore mentioned youngest brother, over a very amusing game of five seconds. 


Happy munching,