The beloved Paige, the other half of this blog, and I are once again reunited after a year and a half, which is rather spiffing truth be told. As I am on crutches, and somewhat less mobile than normal, we have been doing a lot more at home sort of things. Thanks to my mothers green fingers the garden is looking gorgeous and we have spent a lot of time sitting outside enjoying the weather. 

Another thing we have done together is a cooking afternoon, hence the title of this post. Having seen all the tea inspired recipes swimming along over on pinterest and throughout the blogosphere I firmly insisted that we must do something tea related. This is actually a rather strange desire as I really don’t like tea and my family as a whole drink very little of it – however, I was convinced and Paige duly nodded along. After a quick google we decided that the best way to add tea to our biscuits was to infuse it with water or milk and add this to the recipe.


But what recipe to use? A flick through the family favourite Be-Ro cookbook later and we had decided on the oatmeal recipe. We steeped a lemon and ginger tea bag in the milk and left it to infuse while baking some yummy ginger biscuits and bread. When we got to making the oatmeal biscuits, you could definitely smell the aroma of lemon and ginger, so we were fairly hopeful that we would be able to taste the tea.

And we could! It is a background flavour for sure but it definitely lifted the oatmeal taste (especially as we had used wholemeal flour as well) and is a lovely addition. However, a few days later the taste has lessened somewhat, so I recommend eating them fairly sharpish. The only other thing about this recipe is that it came out quite dry, so next time I think I will reduce the amount of oats and add some raisins to add in some moisture. I will post the recipe when I have tried this out. 





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