ImageI had a shots worth of spiced gold run leftover from a very drunken night out over the Easter holidays. I decided that a mojito would be a perfect way to use this up, despite the recommendations saying to avoid the dark/gold rum. It worked fairly well, although I think I might have over minted it slightly (fresh mint smells sooooooo good though!). I think next time I will try and get hold of some white rum and see what difference it makes, as the drink has a quite sharp, bright flavour (but I’m not entirely sure which component is causing that. 

ImageThe mojito reminds me so much of when I was living in Edinburgh.  A friend and I went on the 13 mile walkway of Leith walk, which I would highly recommend – it is a corridor of (mostly) green and beauty in the midst of a city – and we ended up in Leith around 9pm and collapsed at a lovely bar for a well earned mojito and basket of chips. 







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