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I had the (somewhat dubious) pleasure of being on the theology summer ball committee this year. In all honesty, this wasn’t a onerous as it sounds, as the initiator had most of the difficult things already organised (venue, catering etc.) so the rest of us were mostly just around for last minute panics and decorating duties. These panics however were, as expected, fairly major and ranged from not having a tech for the band until the day before to five people dropping out on the morning of the event, resulting in frantic phone calls to friends to fill up the places. This was especially necessary as the event was not quite as well attended as hoped so we needed all the people who had signed up to come to break even.

Thankfully, having a broken leg somewhat excuses one from running around in a mad panic so I just spent a lot of time sitting around making paper cranes (see previous post) and tying them onto twigs. It was decided at the last minute that the colour scheme should be the hitherto unheard of (seriously, a friend is on the exec and did not know this) theology society colour of purple, so having made numerous cranes I then had to make 35 or so purple and white origami cranes. However, everything did pull together in the end, the venue looked fabulous and we all had a great time. I have a few pictures of the decorations and I might add more in the next few days (any pics I didn’t take are linked to the taker).





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