I have become a little bit addicted to making origami cranes. All the beautiful strands of origami cranes that can be found on pinterest acted as inspiration and my motivation arrived when my train was delayed en route for two hours. By the end of my by then four hour journey I was a whizz at making the cranes and had even tried my hand at various different sizes to pass the time.Image

 Having been thus inspired, it seemed a natural thing to do to volunteer to make seventy plus origami cranes for the theology summer ball. I don’t really know why, just that I enjoy making them and they are a pretty thing to put on tables. I have since been industriously making them, even being so far as to take a pack of origami paper to the college bar; I should really do a big count of them and work out how many more I need to do but that seems somewhat too organised for me.


I think there are so many things you could do with them. I decorated my pinboard with them (I would take a photo but I cannot currently climb up to my room) and want to make some into earrings as well. I’ve also been sending them off to various friends in the post. They are very easy and if you fancy giving them a whirl there are loads of tutorials online (this one has a video and readable instrucions for all learning types). If you end up like me and start making origami cranes out of napkins, you could always send some to Cranes For Hope who send strings of them to people who are facing difficulties. 


Happy origami-ing!

Ta-ra for now,




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