Happy Belated New Year

Happy Belated New Year everyone 🙂 Anyone broken their new years resolutions already? to which I can reply with a resounding, hah, I didn’t make any so I can’t lose that one. And for those people who do keep their new years resolutions I don’t need to think about newly buffed bodies and transformed characters for at least another six months.

This is actually a rather pointless post to tell you that I am alive and that a lot has happened which I plan to blog about, just not right now. I’ve got dreadlocks, visited some friends in Germany and signed up for a year long online art course. All of which I plan to write to you about soon and not when I’m supposed to be writing an essay (if my printer will ever work). I’m also thinking of writing some blog posts of my trip to the US of A which is where I was this time last year – I even spent last Christmas with Paige.

Anyway look forward to the future my friends for it will be great.