I have a very extreme cooking craving at the moment. I’m living in catered accommodation so am fed a potato rich diet 3 times a day (well, I’ve only been to breakfast once this whole term so its more like twice a day) and my only kitchen has hobs and a microwave. So no cooking for me. And I am craving it. As in I have a pinterest board full of things I want to try and make, I have been avidly devouring masterchef professional and have now moved on to Nigel and Adam’s farm kitchen. I’m dreaming of making bread, making pasta, having parties, smelling spices.

Aren't they just the cutest?
Aren’t they just the cutest?

Who even cares about the family? The first thing I’m saying hello to when I get home is the cooker (well, not really, our cooker isn’t the most beguiling cooker out there and my parents will be paying for ingredients so I will probably still say hello to them first. But still, COOKING!)

In fact, it has got to the point where cooking programmes seem to be my go to after a night out. I get back to my room, probably after kitchen chats, at about 3am and my brain goes ‘aha, cooking’ and I inevitably end up with little sleep, 5am hunger and missing my next days lectures. It goes without saying that I am a fabulous student.

That is me. Except I am a woman and by 3am I'm not still drinking.
That is me. Except I am a woman and by 3am I’m not still drinking.

The thing is, when it gets to that point at 5 am in the morning I have managed to transform myself into a cooking don. I see Michelin stars and cute cafes on the horizon, people oohing and ahhing over my explosion of taste and doors opening for me everywhere. In reality, I am not that good (yeah I know I got you, I know you were really thinking, when will that restaurant be opening but unfortunately you will have to be waiting a while longer). I mean, I’m not bad at cooking and in fact I think I’m quite good; I definitely had a learning curve last year when I went from only ever having baked to cooking meals for 10 twice a week. But I still have a  lot to learn – however, I still know I will be disappointed when that recipe just doesn’t work or everything got burnt or shrunk in a weird cooking calamity. It just hurts, ya know?

Whatever the results maybe, I certainly having cooking on the brain so look out for some recipe/disaster posts when I return home for the Christmas holidays.

Ta ra duck,



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