I love zucchini bread. Like realllly love it. It’s a sweet bread not far from banana with a slightly nutty flavor, and it’s healthy! If you look past the sugar of course. I’ve been making it since my childhood. My mom and I love vegetables, unlike my sister and Dad (they’ve improved greatly since then, thank goodness) and we were so excited to incorporate zucchini into a bread. We gave some to Abby and Dad, and they wouldn’t touch it, saying it was strange and green, and other silly things vegetable haters frequently say. The next time we made it we told them it was banana bread and they loved it, amusingly, so we kept it a secret for a few years before embarrassing them and revealing their vegetable bias…Now they’ve come over to the vegetable loving side muahahaha!

Anyways, so this past week I got a deal on some zucchinis, but then I had six, and not being at home I could only cook for myself and my roommate so I was trying to get creative with the zucchini. We put  some in soup, and a stir-fry, and finally I tried zucchini bread. This would normally be fine and dandy, but I didn’t have any eggs…and I can’t walk or bike to the store. So I tried using bananas as a substitute for the eggs…but it didn’t work out. Didn’t I mention in my bio that I experiment often with disastrous results? Well there you have it. It was moist beyond belief, though not crumbly as some vegan things can be. It was so moist that it made a squelching sound when coming out of the pan. Ooops! I actually didn’t taste it. It was that gross.

I went home for the weekend, bringing a last unused zucchini for my family to cook with, and soon put the zucchini bread out of my mind. Maybe I would cook some other baked treasure, some other delicious meal, and I would have eggs or at least follow a proper vegan recipe…So I came home for dinner with my grandmother one night and my mom, laughing, presented me with a loaf of… you guessed it! Zucchini Bread! My grandmother, not knowing the story, had decided to buy me one for the grocery store as a present. It was redemptive, delicious, and quite hilarious.

Do you have any amusing cooking experiments gone wrong? Or right?

Muchos besos,



One thought on “The Delightful, Or Not So Delightful, Zucchini Bread

  1. Oh bless! You poor thing, that sounds like quite an adventure! Out of curiosity, is there any particular reason why you used banana – as in, is it a known egg substitute – or did you just look at it and be like, hmm no eggs, banana is the same colour, let us use it to make courgette bread!


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