Since I’ve started University I’ve noticed my body’s needs more. I think it’s because I’ve had a break from normal schedule, I don’t wake up at seven, go to school at nine, come home at four and go to sleep at eleven anymore, and for the most part that’s a good thing. I have a bit of a hike to classes from my monolithic ten story dorm and find it ridiculous that I’m moving considerably more now than a few months ago. Mostly my aches have come from walking at least a cumulative mile every day, but others have come from sitting, slouching and the like.

So on the topic of sitting and slouching while doing my homework, I do not have fun. No, that’s not true, I’m a very social person and love people, but also not one to jump into things, and for that I have not really gone to parties here. Parties in themselves don’t scare me, but finding the right party is the stressor. For those of you who may be unfamiliar to fraternities and sororities, or greek life as they call it, it consists of small organizations of mostly affluent college students who profess brotherhood, or occasionally something more substantial like service, but who tend to just be groups who throw large parties, that are sometimes quite unsafe. My university has a plethora of these and I don’t care much for them. So sitting on my bum doing work and not going out on a regular basis has led me to feel thoroughly un-fun.

But not anymore! This week I saw a band called Cocorosie at a Chapel Hill’s popular venue, the Cat’s Cradle. It was so awesome, with multiple costume changes, beat boxing and hauntingly operatic voices, the music was surprisingly danceable though my feet paid for it in the end. Friday I went out again, this time to a 90’s dance hosted by UNC’s radio station. It was uniquely open to students exclusively and I danced the night away…which brings me back to those aches and pains. Standing, dancing, my body says why? You didn’t tell me this would all happen at once! But I say, you’re welcome, because it was totally worth getting out and having a good time.



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