* Frantic Waving * Blows Kisses *

Howdy Y’all and welcome to our blog The Trans- Atlantic Sisterhood. We’re Hannah – Mary and Paige, two university freshman, best friends separated by an ocean and are the authors of this, ahem, distinguished blog. Here is a bit more about us and then – on with the show.

How we met:

Hannah-Mary and I met two summers ago on an absolutely amazing, month-long Quaker trip through England, Belgium and the Netherlands. It was a spiritual trip and we instantly connected through the experience of living together; talking every day and enduring the wonderful stress of traveling that can bring you together very quickly. Now my best friend lives across the Atlantic!!!

And since then?

Well…we emailed every few weeks and did a pretty horrible job of skyping….but then one day I got a facebook message. Hannah-Mary was coming to America! To Greensboro in fact. So she did. And it was amazing. After spending Christmas together we took a greyhound to Chicago and spent a few days with a friend before I returned. We got to catch up with a lot of our friends from the trip, as everyone was free from their scholarly shackles for the Christmas holidays. As Hannah-Mary continued her journey across my large country, I went back to school and saw her twice before her two-month long journey was up. Since then we have intermittently messaged each other on facebook and skyped much more often than before!

What we like to do:

We thought it would be a good idea to share a blog because we enjoy so many of the same things, be it the somewhat ironic combination of feminism and cooking or our love for Arts festivals and reading. But here we are going to split off from our one voice to share our particular tastes.


I love learning how to do new things, especially of the crafty variety so you can often find me with my jewelery kit out or pushing paints around in my art journal. It also accounts for the fact I’ve just started doing theatre tech at university which you will no doubt hear more about. Facillitated by my Edinburgh living I’ve just started getting into live music and I will never turn you down if you ask me to go to a pub, or better yet a cocktail bar. I love dancing like a crazy person and singing along to things out of tune. I’m often up for a good debate and once yelled at a friend for saying she wasn’t a feminist (which is actually pretty unusual as I’m normally very laid back). And…well, I’ll let you discover the rest yourself, got to give you a reason to read the actual blog after all.


I love reading, gardening and experimenting in the kitchen, the last two of which occasionally does not work out as I intend, but make for interesting adventures nonetheless. Also you should know I really like ginger, just a side note… Most see me as a pretty calm and relaxed person, I try to be, but do not let that deceive you! I consider myself a strong individual who is always up for a challenge. More than anything I want to travel. I want to go everywhere! I definitely want to visit Hannah, but Latin America and my own gigantic country, and anywhere else would be great too. Anyways, come with me on my quest to have more amazing times and adventures!

Our lives today:

After our lovely reunion this winter Hannah went off to Edinburgh to volunteer and I finished high school. Hooray! So now we are at extremely similar points in our lives, both of us in our freshmen terms at college (or first-year as my University tries so hard to be politically correct…).  So as we plunder though our studies we will have this blog to help us through (and help us procrastinate)!

Why do we want to start this blog:

We both consider ourselves artistic people, and a blog seemed like a lovely project to help express ourselves as well as stay in touch with one another. We both been interested in starting one before, and having someone else to do it with will make us more accountable, like a running buddy, but with less exercise and more talking.


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